This is my story, for now...

Since 2005, I have worked with over 70 brands around the world. Being part of advertising agencies, startups, and freelancing. Particularly in Spain, the UK, Argentina, Paraguay, and the Czech Republic. I am currently working as creative director for Jeff, a startup that is revolutionizing entrepreneurship. My multidisciplinary background allows me to have experience in all fields of creativity and design. ON and OFF, product design, branding, strategy, etc. Responsible for leading teams since 2010.
Optimistic, curious, traveller, avid conversationalist, guest of this world. I am always looking for new challenges and experiences to make me a better person.

My experience

Creative director


Overseeing and coordinating creative communication within B2C and B2B markets as part of the marketing team. In charge of all brand design across multiple channels.  

Creative director

Jeff app

Coordinating and supervising the design marketing department. Taking responsibility for creativity and development the brand in both B2C and B2B environments.

Creative director

Agr Food Mkt

Leading a team of creatives working specially for Agrofood brands. Motivating and supervising my team to reach great and innovative ideas to deliver in any media for any of our clients.

Senior art director


Responsible for creativity and art direction in transmedia communication for different countries.

Creative director

Havas media

Leading a team of creatives working mostly for AB InBev beer brands. Motivating and supervising to reach great and innovative ideas to deliver in any media.

Art director

DDB Argentina

Working in the creative department responsible for creativity and art direction in transmedia communication.